A celebration of the Scots Language

AKA the souvenir I bought last time I was in Scotland, and have never figured out how to hang up.

(I knew four of these words before I bought it.)

braw, adj., 1. fine, pleasant esp. weather, 2. attractive, pretty

mauchit, adj., dirty, filthy, sticky, muddy.

glaikit, adj., 1. stupid; senseless; silly. 2. giddy, thoughtless 3. affected 4. petty

dreich, adj., 1. drab 2. dreary 3. often leads to a state of being drookit; grey.

besom, n., 1. obsteperous girl or woman; female upstart 2. woman of low moral standing; a hussy 3. broomstick or scourge; any broom made from loose twigs. 4. a comet or its tail

crabbit, adj., 1. ill-tempered, grumpy, curt, disagreeable; in a bad mood [esp. in the morning]
– n. see crab. one who by their nature or temperament conveys an aura of irritability.

laldie, n., 1. a thrashing; a sound beating, punishment 2. gie it ~ to undertake an action with vigour and vitality

scunner, v., 1. to feel aversion. 2. to produce a feeling of disgust or loathing in. ~n. 3. a strong dislike 4. an object of dislike; nuisance

drookit, adj., 1. drenched, soaked through

fankle, v., 1. to entangle, twist 2. to knot. 3. to coil, wind. 4 to disorder, complicate. ~n. 5. an entanglement

canny, adj., 1. cautious, careful, hesitant, unwilling to rush into things. 2. frugal, prudent (esp. with money)

bourach ~n. 1. small hill or mound 2. disorganised heap or mass 3. a crowd or group of people 4. a small, humble house 5. a muddle, mess; state of confusion

wabbit (No, this does not mean rabbit in Fuddian), adj. exhausted, out-of-breath; unable to function due to extreme tiredness

gallus, adj., 1.self-confident, daring; cheeky. 2. stylish, impressive 3. Orig. derogatory, meaning wild; a rascal; deserving to be hanged (from the gallows.)

stramash, n., 1. an uproar; a violent commotion or rowdy behaviour; a melee. 2. state of heightened excitement or rage.

drouth, n., 1. drought; long or extreme period of weather without precipitation. 2. thirst; dry mouth, usually caused by excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages the previous night. [A typical cure would involve more liquid refreshment.

teuchter, n., 1. one who derives from the Highlands of Scotland; more commonly used by city folk to describe rural dwellers. 2. Gaelic-speaker (mostly to each other) esp. at strange Gatherings known as Mods. [definitely not Rockers]. Occasionally partakes of a wee dram.


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